Paver Block Manufactures

Paver block manufatures

Paver Block Manufactures

We are one of the largest Paver Block Manufactures. Smrat Tiles is different grade of paver block Manufactures company. Roads constructed using interlocking paver blocks provides better aesthetic look then conventional cast in place concrete road..

Advantages of Paver Bloks

Instant use

There is no need of concrete to joint paver block or paving block fitting so you can use instantly after establishment.

Non sleeper smooth wrapping up

All paver blocks are non sleeper and has smooth completing which help while vehicle development

Simple establishment

Any one can introduce paving block who has fundamental information on cutting and bolting.


In the event that you are moving, Paver blocks are adaptable for development or need to do support of underground pipeline or seepage line dont stress you can open the blocks and reinstall it for what it's worth.

Everlasting Color

Paver Block Manufactures make this blocks from ISO 9001 affirmed shade shading and white concrete which offers shading to our paving block. other than the normal blurring which occurs, the shading is everlasting with 15MM thickness from upper surface. be careful with unnaturally hued splendidly hued interlocks they typically lost shading around 4 to a half year.

Hand crafts

You can make specially crafts and examples as you need additionally you pick examples of paving block from our Gallery to adorn your house. Paving blocks are adaptable to fit in hand crafts.

Adaptable for Transportation

Paver blocks are adaptable for transportation which never broken while transportation. likewise simple to stack and empty. for long way development we can pack this block by wooden pressing with additional charges.

Minimal effort

Paver blocks are laid on 6mm (i.e Crushed stone chips)or residue or sand which-ever is efficiently accessible. Residue is liked. For laying 1000 sqft, 200 CFT 6mm or smasher residue or sand is required. This materials are effectively accessible from your neighborhood is least expensive answer for you.

Our qualitative range of products is known for robust construction, durability and beautiful designs. Our business success has been based on providing superior products and services to our customers and that's why we become one of the best paver block manufacturers in Thane, Mumbai and across the India.


  • • Highly Durable and Cost-effective
  • • Latest Designs and Variety of Colors
  • • Export Quality

Samrat Tiles is Fly ash suppliers in Thane, Mumbai and across India, They are also one of the best Paver Block Manufactures, Chequered Tiles Manufactures in Thane.

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