Fly Ash Suppliers

Fly Ash Suppliers

Fly ash is a by-product produced while burning finely ground coal in a boiler to produce electricity. It is removed from the plant exhaust gases primarily by electrostatic precipitators or baghouses and secondarily by scrubber systems. Physically, Fly ash is a very fine, powdery material, composed mostly of silica. Nearly all particles are spherical in shape. Fly ash improves a concrete performance in different ways and also provides many benefits in cement and non-cement applications. Fly ash suppliers supplies various color of fly ash such as grey and dark grey, yellowish tan and light to brownish.


  • Ready mix concrete
  • Precast concrete
  • Brick making plant
  • Grout formulation
  • Specialist projects


  • Fly ash is a Pozzolan
  • Improves concrete workability and lowers water demand
  • Sulfate and Alkali Aggregate Resistancet
  • Rise in compressive strength over time
  • Environment friendly

Samrat Tiles is optimized Fly ash for its fineness while reducing the water demand and improving the chemical compositions to maximise its benefits when used in concrete. Fly-ash can also be used as an add-on to concrete mixture with pozzolanic and/or latent hydraulic properties. We at Samrat Tiles selectively collect Fly ash and subject to rigorous testing, further refines these collected materials to produce quality Fly ash products meeting the needs of our customers. Samrat Tiles is Fly ash suppliers, They are also one of the best Chequerds Tiles Manufactures, Paver Block Manufactures and Concrete Cover Block Manufactures in Thane, Mumbai and across India.

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